15 ways to get active outdoors before you turn 14


Being active outdoors doesn’t always mean playing sport. Activities such as climbing and hanging in trees, bushwalking, and building cubbies can improve balance, strength, endurance, coordination, and resilience – all important for getting your body fit and healthy. Try these suggestions for getting your mind and body ready to take on the world! Download the list here.

1. Climb or hang from a tree

Strengthen your upper body and improve your balance by climbing or hanging from a tree.

2. Build a cubby

Practice working with friends building a cubby or something else outdoors that suits your ability.

3. Go for a bushwalk

Work on your perseverance and endurance by going on a bushwalk that challenges you.

4. Explore a local creek

Test your balance and coordination at your local creek by exploring banks, bridges and logs or stick to the trails and find a place to listen to the sounds of a creek.

5. Try geocaching

Combine technology with walking and exploring by geocaching with a friend.

6. Skim rocks

improve your balance and coordination at the beach or a lake by skimming rocks or seeing how far you can throw.

7. Explore the coast

Improve your balance and agility by exploring rock pools or stick to the jetty and see what you or a friend can spot in the water.

8. Plant fruit trees or veggies

Work on your upper body strength by preparing your garden or a pot for planting veggies or fruit trees.

9. Go camping

Get your whole body moving in the wild by going camping or having a backyard camp out.

10. Go snorkeling

Activate different muscles by learning to snorkel or try other water activities that suit your ability.

11. Hike to a waterfall

Improve your overall fitness by hiking to a waterfall or along an accessible path with a view.

12. Pick up litter

Get your step count up and head to your local beach, creek, or park and pick up litter with a friend.

13. Kayak, paddleboard or body surf

Improve your core strength by kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, body surfing, or a water activity that challenges you.

14. Volunteer in nature

Use your hands in different ways by joining volunteers to plant trees, do some weeding or help a friend out in their garden.

15. Try yoga or pilates

Improve your flexibility, balance, and overall health by doing yoga, pilates, or stretching outside.