15 ways to nurture your wellbeing outdoors before you turn 14


Our bodies need many things to stay fit and healthy. We need exercise, nutrition, sleep, and most importantly ways to slow down, relax, and nurture our wellbeing. Try these suggestions for slowing down and take some time to look after your wellbeing and mental health. Download the list here.

1. Birdwatch

Calm your mind and ignite your curiosity with learning to birdwatch or identify through song.

2. Find a sit spot

Tune into your surroundings by quietly sitting in nature.

3. Plant veggies

Nurture the earth and your soul by planting veggies and herbs in your garden or a pot.

4. Stargaze

Connect with the night sky by stargazing and finding constellations or listen to podcasts about the stars.

5. Weave

Practice mindfulness by gathering leaves, flowers and grasses with a friend to weave nature bracelets and necklaces.

6. Create habitat for insects

Contribute to conserving wildlife by creating habitat for native bees and other insects by building or sourcing an insect hotel.

7. Plant native seedlings

Connect with local wildlife by attracting butterflies and ladybirds to your garden by planting native seedlings in your garden or pots.

8. Walk barefoot

Get grounded and find some cool earth to walk barefoot.

9. Whittle

Get grounded and find some cool earth to walk barefoot.

10. Make mud balls

Soothe your senses by exploring the art of dorodango (mud balls).

11. Draw or paint

Get creative in nature by drawing or painting outside.

12. Knit, sew, or mend

Find a calming place outside to sit and finger knit, sew a button, or mend something.

13. Race bark and sticks

Channel your competitiveness by heading to a flowing creek and race bark and sticks.

14. Fly a kite

Get your body moving and head to your local reserve or beach to fly a kite.

15. Explore a jetty

Spend time at a jetty spotting marine creatures or go fishing, crabbing or squidding.