26 sporting skills to try before you turn 14


Playing sports has many benefits such as increased fitness, greater confidence, improved coordination and balance, making new friends, learning new skills, and better sleep, and it’s good for our mental health. Challenge yourself by trying some of these skills or download the list here.

1. Football

Kick a check side from the pocket and/or shoot from less than 45 degrees out.

2. Basketball

Complete a layup from both sides of the ring or complete a reverse layup.

3. Cricket

Hit a boundary.

4. Soccer

Successfully shoot top corner of the goal from a dribble.

5. Netball

Be able to play all positions.


Master the butterfly stroke or a stroke you find challenging.

7. Tennis

Have a rally using forehand and backhand.

8. Rugby

Complete a two handed carry before the defensive line.

9. Volleyball

Try an overarm serve.

10. Gymnastics

Complete a handstand against a wall or with a partner and/or complete a single balance using your hands, knees, feet or attempt a partner balance.

11. Athletics

Complete a track circuit of your choice (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m) and set your own Personal Best (PB).

12. Surfing/Bodyboarding

Duck dive under a wave.

13. Golf

Shoot under a hundred in an 18 hole golf course.

14. Cycling

Ride a distance that challenges your ability and works on setting a PB.

15. Martial Arts

See if you can achieve a belt promotion, break a board, or learn a complex hold in a martial art such as Taekwondo or Judo.

16. Dancing

Choreograph your own dance in a genre that interests you using different dance moves.

17. Skateboarding and scooting

Challenge yourself with a new skill.

18. Lawn Bowls

Attempt drawing a ‘resting toucher.’

19. Archery

Be able to shoot at a maximum distance of 40 metres and stay focussed for up to 2 hours.

20. Ultimate Frisbee

Throw a forehand flick.

21. Hockey

Be able to receive, block and drag and flick into goals.

22. Baseball

Throw a ball 30 metres or hit a ball that’s been pitched to you.

23. Table Tennis

Practice your skills by balancing a table tennis ball on a bat, then bouncing it 10 times on the forehand, and 10 times on the backhand without dropping it.

24. Touch Football

Score a try.

25. Softball

Make a home run.

26. Goalball

Try this unique sport designed for athletes with vision impairment.