Nature Play SA can help you create the best memories for your children by making unstructured, free play outside, something they can experience every single day.

What we do

When our children grow up and look back on their most treasured childhood memories, what will they remember? Will they have memories of climbing a tree as high as they’ve ever been before, or riding a bike down a hill so fast they thought they would never be able to stop? Will they remember having tea parties in a secret hiding spot in the garden or carting all your kitchen pots and pans outside so they could make mud pies?

These are our childhood memories. We grew up playing outside.  Adventures were limitless. We weren’t constrained by time or other activities, homework or our parents. It was free play outdoors. It was spontaneous, exhilarating, fun and exactly how we wanted to play. This was nature play and for most of us, the best time we ever had.

Two decades on, this type of play is no longer the norm. Unintentionally, our children’s lives have become characterized by technology, structure and inactivity. Having the time and opportunity to explore and create fun on their own is no longer a rite of passage for children.

Our children spend less than two hours a day outside, one in four have never climbed a tree, one in three have never planted a garden and the area in which they can explore, has shrunk by 90%.

This type of play is vital for children’s development, and for their health, happiness and wellbeing. It can combat obesity and the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Children will learn self-control over their actions and decisions. They will learn to take risks and to problem solve on their own. They will learn important life lessons and they will have the best fun they have ever had.

Nature Play SA is a not for profit, incorporated association established to help families, schools and our community make nature play an everyday part of children’s lives.  We will develop resources, provide events and work with other organisations to help prioritise nature play and help people see what nature play is and how they can provide it for the children in their care.


We aim to make unstructured outdoor play in nature an everyday part of childhood.

This is a big agenda and it can’t be achieved by one organisation. Working with families and other organisations, we can help this generation of children have every opportunity to grow into strong, healthy and resilient young people with the most amazing memories of childhood adventures outside.

Annual Report

See how Nature Play SA have achieved their mission and vision throughout this year over the last 2 years in our NPSA Achievements 2016 (to October 2016)