Deep Creek Conservation Park, April 2017

Deep Creek Conservation Park, April 2017

12 April 2017

A rugged park where thousands of stories have been shared with friends and family around the warmth of a campfire.

With towering Stringybark trees, giant yaccas, wildflowers, butterflies, kangaroos and an array of wildlife to admire.

The night sky is so clear you can see deep into the Milky Way and gaze at the millions of stars shining bright

Whether a daytrip or camping, prepare for a wild escape and keep adventure in your sights!

Deep Creek Conservation Park is April’s Park of the Month!

Deep Creek Conservation Park is a much-loved camping destination for families, bushwalkers, nature enthusiasts, surfers, bird watchers, and artists. With 4 main campgrounds and a hike-in one, the park has a network of trails that traverse through old growth forests, the Heysen Trial, ridge tops, coastal cliffs, and descend down onto secluded beaches such as Blowholes Beach.

We have worked with the Rangers to get their insider knowledge about where to go and what to do the Park across all four seasons. Our 40 things to do in Deep Creek Conservation Park brochure (print here) will have you: roasting marshmellows and cooking damper over a campfire; spotting kangaroos throughout the Park, walking the Heysen Trail, searching the night sky for constellations, exploring Blowholes Beach, spotting birds along the Forest Circuit Hike and Stringybark Loop, and discovering a year-round waterfall.

For a map of Deep Creek Conservation Park click here.

To help your family make the most of your visit check out the Deep Creek Conservation Park Kids Pack for schools check out the Deep Creek Conservation Park Educators Pack

Park of the Month is an initiative between Nature Play SA and the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources. 


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