As we look to a brighter future, it is important to recognise that teaching and learning in natural spaces has significant mental health and wellbeing benefits. In addition, whilst social distancing is in place, the outdoor environment is a flexible and open learning space.


To support you in providing the best learning environment possible, we’ve developed a range of resources that incorporate the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework.

Teach Out Toolkit

The Teach Out Toolkit includes a copy of our Outdoor Learning Passport and associated resources to support teaching and learning outdoors.


Browse a comprehensive selection of guides and toolkits to support learning with, in and from natural environments.


This ever-growing resource bank provides inspiration for quick activities and curriculum-linked inquiry using nature-based environments as a platform for learning and teaching.

Lesson Plans

Browse a selection of lesson plans and curriculum resources curated from leading organisations around the world and developed by our team to support learning in outdoor environments.

Info Sheets

Our information sheets have been developed to support communities navigate the process of establishing a nature play space or outdoor classroom and to increase their knowledge and understandings of the importance of outdoor play.


Browse our ever-growing collection of posters to display and share inspirational quotes and more.

Card Sets

Browse a selection of resource cards that feature practical ideas for educators and families. Available to download, print off and take outdoors for fun and interactive outdoor learning and play.


A selection of videos handpicked by our team that feature local and global content that will inspire and provoke thought amongst educators.


A selection of podcasts handpicked by our team that feature local and international experts on nature play and other commentators from around the globe.


Read a growing selection of publications, brochures, reports and more from around the globe. These include blog posts and articles from world leaders within the nature pedagogy and play community.


A selection of research summarised by our team that feature local and global studies associated with childhood development, education, play behaviour and benefit of nature connection for health and wellbeing.

Other Resources

Explore links to leading organisations, websites, Nature Play SA partners and research databases featuring inspiring content and helpful information.