The following resources have been developed to support the AISSA Outdoor Learning Passport project.


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Beginnings of Rope Learning

Small and large lengths of rope are a low cost, light weight resource. Perfect for taking out to large spaces and exploring measurement, number and shape. Or simply to play and explore – where students creativity informs your next step. Learn more here.

Story Stones

Story stones are a wonderful addition to an outdoor learning environment. Create them with students for creative play or structured lessons. Stones are also a wonderful resource to create ephemeral art, transient art or treasure hunts; curriculum connections galore!

Patterns in Nature

The natural world showcases patterning in weird, wonderful and amazing ways. Explore fractals, the Fibonacci sequence and more. Use nature as the inspiration to find and create amazing patterns.

My Loose Parts World

Loose parts are a wonderful tool for storytelling and oral language development. Small and large loose parts offer different avenues for linking curriculum to outdoor learning. Small loose parts sourced from nature offer a whole other level of inquiry and sensory exploration. The possibilities are endless and open-ended!

Stick Challenges

Sticks are a great teaching tool. When used constructively, they facilitate imaginative, creative and open-ended play. Read on for suggestions around safety, resourcing and intentional teaching with this sustainable and low cost resource.

Go Wild with Nature Journaling

There are many benefits to nature journaling for children of all ages. Developing an awareness of your environment is an added benefit when learning how to record and reflect through a scientific, artistic or creative lens.

Leaf Rainbows

Leaves are a great tool for tuning into the changing seasons and local environments. They offer an incredibly visual and tactile experience for all and are a great springboard for learning in maths, the arts, science and literacy.

Stepping Out

Anchoring children into an outdoor space is a great way to begin your venture into outdoor learning. Find a special space to set up as your outdoor classroom and then revisit this space frequently. Repeated and regular use of this space will help to create a sense of pride and connection for all.

My Week of Vitamin N

Nature is a wonderful healer and supports positive wellbeing for all. Take time to venture into a quiet outdoor space to; slow down, be still, breathe in fresh air and clear your mind. A great way to ‘reset’ for students and support anxious or busy minds. Read on for tips to support this approach with students of all ages.

Words From The Trees

When was the last time you touched the bark of a tree? Or rubbed a leaf in your hands? We tune into the affordances for oral language development through a connection with engaging nature to ignite our senses.

1 Welcome to students and teachers

A warm welcome from the Nature Play SA education team. Our mission is to support your exploration of outdoor learning environments wherever you are on your journey as a teacher in the outdoors. Check in here to view our welcome video – suitable for participants young and young at heart.

2 Before you begin – Set up for Success

There are many tried and tested routines that help when working outdoors with students as well as go-to resources to support all kinds of learning. Read on for suggestions and resources to support with class management, setting up in the outdoors and working with ease and confidence to deliver curriculum in a dynamic outdoor environment.

For more inspiration on outdoor education, visit our publicly available resource bank – the Educators Resource Hub.