The Magic of Mud Toolkit for Teaching and Learning

A toolkit filled with practical ideas to support the use of mud as a teaching and learning tool.

World Environment Day Practical Guide

World Environment Day 2020: a practical guide to encourage and support biodiversity across our planet.

Outdoor Learning – Risks & Benefits

This cross-sector resource provides tools and information to highlight the value of self-exploration, discovery and challenge for children’s development.

A Parents’ Guide to Nature Play: How to Give Your Children More Outdoor Play …and Why You Should!  

A straightforward resource that details what makes great nature play, why it is important, and how you can restore it to your children’s daily lives.

Family, Nature and COVID-19 A free online guide for families

This 84-page guide has a strong focus on nurturing the mental health and wellbeing of families. It includes accessible, nature-based methods that can be practiced at home, your neighbourhood and nearby nature.

The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Years Education

This excellent resource from Scotland, clearly explains the Reggio Emilia approach in early years settings and whilst relevant to Scotland, the reflective content can easily be applied to our own education system.

Inspiring Children’s Spirit of Stewardship: A TOOLKIT for Early Childhood Programs

A toolkit of over 80 pages of activities to use with children ages 3-8 years old in early childhood and school settings focused on positive actions to make the world a “greener” and healthier place.

Forest bathing: A Sky and Earth Touched Me Wellness Exercise

Sharing Nature author and speaker Joseph Cornell takes us through the wonders of a Forest Bathing exercise.

Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play

This position statement includes a series of recommendations to increase active outdoor play opportunities to promote healthy child development.

Nature Play at Home: A Guide for Boosting Your Children’s Healthy Development and Creativity

Excellent resource full of great ideas and imagery to help families and care providers restore nature to children’s everyday outdoor play and learning environments.

No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse Society

Author Tim Gill advocates a philosophy of resilience that strikes a better balance between protecting children from genuine threats and giving them rich, challenging opportunities through which to learn and grow.