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Browse a selection of podcasts handpicked by our team that feature local and international experts on nature play and other commentators from around the globe.

Nature Play SA Podcast (AU)

Occupational Therapist Angela Hanscom, creator of TimberNook and author of ‘Balanced and Barefoot’ explains why a childhood disconnect from nature is having such a profound affect on children’s sensory integration.

Nature Kids Radio: Ep 2 – Explore Forest Schools with Clare Warden

World renowned childhood consultant Claire Warden discusses nature pedagogy and curriculum, barriers to change and overcoming obstacles when taking inside learning outside and beyond into the wildness of nature.

Thriving Children Podcast: Ep 33: Risky Play

Host Clare Crew outlines the key elements of risky play and their importance to children’s development including height, speed, tools, fire, water, rough & tumble and being out of sight.

Nurture in Nature Radio: Ep 1 – Getting the Wild Out with Prof. Martha (Marti) Erickson (Aus)

Developmental psychologist and researcher, Professor Marti Erickson chats with host Tania Maloney about the growing body of research advocating for children’s reconnection with nature. 

Pivotal Podcast: Episode 150 – A Yearning for Outdoor Learning with Juliet Robertson (UK)

Author of popular outdoor teaching resources Dirty Teaching and Messy Maths, Juliet Robertson discusses planning, environments, risk taking, health and safety, curriculum content, quality and efficiency.

Hey, Parents: Leave Those Kids Alone!

An entertaining and in depth conversation with author Hanna Rosin about modern Western society’s obsession with child safety, which asks whether we have stripped childhood of independence and the joys of discovery.  

Healthy Talk: Episode: Rusty Keeler, Do Playgrounds Make Healthier Kids? (US)

Playspace designer Rusty Keeler outlines the benefits of ‘adventure’ style playgrounds and why letting your children build what their imagination dreams up may increase their creativity and improve their mental capacity.

Blog Talk Radio, Creativity in Play: Episode – Marghanita Hughes on Educating the Heart through Nature Art (US)

Outdoor Nature Art teacher Marghanita Hughes tells listeners about her childhood adventures in the Scottish highlands, where creativity was nurtured and inspired by the environment.

SFP 27: Play with Peter Gray

This episode of the Sage Family Podcast is an engaging  interview with Peter Gray, Evolutionary Psychologist, blogger and author of the inspiring book Free to Learn.

The Wonders of Worm Farming

Nature Play SA Schools Coordinator Eric Nicholson shares his working knowledge of the wonders of worm farming, taking Nature Play to schools and families and the current generational trend of parental risk aversion.

Kids These Days: Growing Up Too Fast Or Never At All?

Host Robert Siegel interviews author Hanna Rosin about the downside to parents micro-managing their children’s physical and emotional risks.

NIN Radio Ep. 010 – Nature, Free Play and Rethinking Childhood with Tim Gill

Author and activist Tim Gill urges parents to consider the level of freedom and types of experiences they had in childhood and explains why allowing children to fulfill their need to test their own limits helps them assess risks, learn their capacities, gain confidence and become more resilient.

Loose Parts Nature Play – The Theory of Loose Parts

Dr Carla Gull of Loose Parts Nature Play begins her podcast series with exploration of the Theory of Loose Parts paper by Simon Nicholson, who argued that everyone should have the right to realise their creative potential and inventiveness, not just scientists and artists.

Driving Fast and Taking Chances. Why Risk Taking Supports Healthy Development

Listen to this engaging conversation between Occupational Therapist Kathleen Lockyer and Dr Mariana Brussoni, risk researcher from the University of British Columbia to learn more about how a little bit of risk can go a long way towards a child reaching their true potential.