Other Resources

Educators Resource Hub

Explore links to leading organisations, websites, Nature Play SA partners and research databases featuring inspiring content and helpful information.

Natural Playspace Designers and Contractors

This list includes individuals and organisations that understand the principles behind engaging natural playspaces, how to design or build them while meeting the compliance requirements of Australian Standards.

National Parks and Wildlife Service SA

Find information for teaching and learning across South Australia as well as a Junior Ranger Program with some great nature resources for 8-14 year olds.

Natural Resource Management Boards

An education program that works with school and preschool communities to embed sustainability principles into their learning and management practices, linking them to the Australian Curriculum.

Cool Australia

A large online suite of teaching and learning resources that support the Australian Curriculum.

Nature Play at Home: A Guide for Boosting Your Children’s Healthy Development and Creativity

Adapt the how-to steps in this guide to turn your backyard into a vibrant, fun-filled Nature Play space.

Story Stones

A child’s imagination knows no bounds and Story Stones are a wonderful invitation for children to create their own joyous…

Getting Started with Herbs

Herbs are a great way to get your family into gardening as they are easy to grow and can be…

Nature Masks

Mask making is an ideal activity to stimulate creativity and imagination at your child’s birthday celebration or other special event….