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Nature Play at Home: A Guide for Boosting Your Children’s Healthy Development and Creativity

Adapt the how-to steps in this guide to turn your backyard into a vibrant, fun-filled Nature Play space.

Nature Play WA

Nature Play WA was conceived on the belief that unstructured play outdoors (nature play) is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. This website has many good resources including things to do, places to go and free resources for families.

Nature Play QLD

Nature Play QLD are advocates of the nature play message and aim to increase access to nature play resources, events and programs for Queenslanders.

Nature Play CBR

Nature Play Canberra is about getting more children outdoors more often so they can reap the benefits of unstructured play. Includes resources for schools, families and research links.

Teacher Tom (US)

Teacher Tom (Tom Hobson) is a well-known and respected practitioner of progressive play-based education and his blog entries are full of quality content, photos and links to supporting research.

I’m a Teacher Get Me OUTSIDE Here (Scotland)

Author of Messy Maths and Dirty Teaching, Juliet Robinson’s fantastic blog is full of lesson plan ideas, resources and inspiration for primary school teachers beginning their journey into outdoor teaching.

Sun Hats and Wellie Boots (UK)

All weather activities and craft ideas for families including helpful ideas for gardening with children and seasonal craft using upcycled materials.

Reggio Kids (Canada)

This Canadian day-care facility has a strong Reggio Emilia approach and the belief that every day in every moment they, as teachers, follow the directions of the children and adapt themselves. Full of reflective practice and beautiful photographs of loose parts creations.

Rain or Shine Mamma (Sweden/US)

This blog aims to inspire all weather outdoor play every day. Photographer, journalist and parent Linda Akeson McGurk, grew up in Sweden where they live by the motto that there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing.

Mother Natured (Australia)

Wildlife education officer Penny Whitehouse has hints and tips for parents looking to foster their child’s love of the outdoor and their own connection to nature.

Free Range Kids (US)

Radio/TV personality and parent Lenore Skenazy crusades on behalf of children to be allowed a bit of unsupervised time to play, learn and grow.

Slow Family: Helping busy families reconnect through fun activities in nature and at home (US)

Like the ‘slow food’ movement, slow parenting is about reconnecting to that part of yourself and your family that somehow got lost in the shuffle of busy lives. Full of great ideas and resources to reduce ‘frazzle’ and take it slow.

New Nature Movement (US – featuring international contributors)

Featuring an assortment of high calibre contributors from the world wide nature play movement, this blog is thought provoking, inspiring and full of great personal stories from childhood and parenting adventures.

Forest School Blog (UK)

Full of great images of children at work/play in forest school. Includes many seasonal ideas for outdoor learning activities in the early years.

Lime Tree Primary Academy Blogs (UK)

Take your pick of blogs from this Forest School from early years to upper primary classes giving a unique insight into school activities and curriculum enrichment programs.

Be Outside and Grow (US)

Creator of PJ’s Backyard Adventures, Rebeccca P. Cohen’s blog is full of gratitude and inspiration for getting outside with your children, even if it is just for 15 minutes each day.

Fairy Dust Teaching (US)

Six early childhood teachers collaborate on this blog full of beautiful images and ideas for incorporating the beauty and wonder of the Reggio Emilia approach in early childhood settings.

The Big Outside (US)

Blogger Michael Lanza, former Northwest Editor of Backpacker Magazine, created this blog with the simple mission: to offer stories, photos, and expert trip-planning advice on the world’s best outdoor adventures—including many that are great for families.

The Wild Network (UK)

This site came out in support of the Project Wild Thing documentary with a mission to create new paths to help get children thriving, outdoors in nature by supporting families, schools and communities to get more Wild Time in their lives.

Hike It Baby

This blog offers support, connection and guidance to help get families outside with their baby as soon as they feel ready.

Playscapes – All the Best Playgrounds Are Here

This blog started by Paige Johnson provides a collection of ideas, resources and reviews of some of the world’s most inspiring play spaces from the turn of the century up to the present day.

Evergreen (Canada)

A great outdoor learning resource that includes lesson plans by age group, lists for learning kits, outdoor teaching strategies and a reference sheet detailing the benefits of incorporating nearby nature into the everyday curriculum.

Centennial Parklands (Australia)

Centennial Parklands is a collection of three adjoining major urban parks in Sydney, NSW. It is also home to Bush School, a hands on 5 week experiential learning program for pre-schoolers.

Learning Outside the Classroom (UK)

Launched in 2015 for anyone interested in outdoor learning, this blog has many contributors building on a collaborative model to raise awareness of quality examples of evidence and delivery of learning outside the classroom (LOtC).

Get Children Outdoors (UK)

Sarah Blackwell, founder and CEO of Forest Schools Education has over 30 years’ experience supporting outdoor play and learning. Sarah’s blog has many resources, links and discussion around the latest research and hot topics.

Going Wild (UK)

The authors of the Going Wild books bring this blog to families and communities, full of great Wild Play suggestions for all weather conditions and even after dark.

Circle of Life Rediscovery (UK)

Information and ideas for forest school and adventure activities including The Woodland Project which provides children with disabilities and their families the opportunity to learn new skills, uncover hidden talents and spend quality time together at peace, in nature.

Children & Nature Network

After the publication of “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” in 2005, author Richard Louv and others co-founded the Children & Nature Network, a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to fuel the worldwide grassroots movement to reconnect children with nature.

Let Grow

This new collaborative venture supports the idea that children are smart, strong and capable yet they are in danger of not being able to practice problem solving with adults always hovering around solving problems first.

Free Range Kids

This website run by author, blogger, TV personality and activitist Lenore Skenazy discusses how to raise safe, self reliant kids without going nuts with worry.

Re-imagining childhood: The inspiration of Reggio Emilia education principles in South Australia

Italian childhood advocate Professor Carla Rinaldi, president of the global Reggio Children movement, presented this report during her Adelaide Thinker in Residency.

Sharing Nature Worldwide

Full of inspiration for educators, the Sharing Nature movement uses the Flow Learning™ system of teaching that encourages empathy and brings ecological principles to life.

A Dad Delivers Wilderness Nightly to His Kids —Here is How You Can Too

This article from father of two, David Davis, explains why exploring the wilderness of the sky from your own back yard can be a great way to get more ‘green time’ into your family routine.

More Than Mudpies

This blog from the Tinkergarten community, supports families, leaders and those attending Tinkergarten outdoor playgroups. Includes optional access to a free weekly newsletter of outdoor ideas and activities.

Playing Out

Do you like the idea of your children being able to play freely outside their own front door? Two mums from Bristol (UK) came up with the idea that they could take the street party model and apply to close their street to traffic one day after school, giving the road over to the children to play in.

Rethinking Childhood

Tim Gill  is an independent scholar, advocate and consultant on childhood. His website and blog focuses on the changing nature of children’s play and free time, and their evolving relationships with the people and places around them.

RX Outside

Kathleen Lockyer, creator of the Nature-Led Approach is an Occupational Therapist of 20 years experience and a leader in Sensory Processing Disorders and Therapeutic Listening. Her empowering blog and mentorship program is a light in the storm for parents & educators with sensitive children.