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Browse a selection of videos handpicked by our team that feature local and global content that will inspire and provoke thought amongst educators. Useful for staff and parent presentations or student inquiry.

Upper Sturt Primary School – Getting Back to Nature (ABC Gardening Australia)

Presenter Sophie Thomson visits Upper Sturt Primary school where learning is brought outdoors and the bush is the classroom.

Learning Beyond the Classroom – Thiele Primary School (SA)

Find out how Thiele Primary School students explore hands-on learning at their local creek.

Nature Play (ABC Gardening)

ABC Gardening visits a groundbreaking natural playground set in Melbourne’s historic Royal Park and meets the principal architect, Skye Haldane.

Kids Gone Wild: Denmark’s Forest Kindergartens (Dateline)

Children are running wild in the mud, climbing high into trees and playing with knives, but no one is telling them off. This is kindergarten… Danish-style.

Hidden Woods – a poem by Hollie McNish (UK)

Beautiful prose by poet Hollie McNish supported by inspiring footage of an overnight family camp and Saturday morning club at Hidden Woods, UK.

Our Relationship to Risk – TEDx Tahoe City | Judy Klein

Wilderness educator and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine Judy Klein, discusses risk deficit disorder and the epidemic of anxiety in today’s adolescents.

Madge Sexton Kindergarten

Teachers and community liaison officers share how the PreSchool Outdoor Learning Project has enriched their local area and enabled unexpected variations in their children’s’ play.

Welcome to Bush School – reconnecting kids with nature (NSW)

A short clip with inspiring imagery of Bush School students in Centennial Parklands, Sydney.

The Nature School at Sea Acres National Park, Port Macquarie (NSW)

See how the bush school concept is reconnecting families and nurturing children’s respect for nature.

Let our children play in the mud | Prof. Jen Hudson, TEDx Macquarie University

Researcher Prof. Jen Hudson makes the link between a risk averse society and what that means for children’s abilities to face their fears.

The Importance of Outdoor Play Pt 1 (Canada)

Psychologist Kristina Towill shares why play is critical to children’s brain development and why free, unstructured play outdoors with friends is the easiest and most effective way for children to learn essential life skills and competencies.

The Importance of Outdoor Play Pt 2 (Canada)

Current research shows that our children are more anxious and depressed than at any other time in history. Psychologist Kristina Towill discusses children’s brain development and the benefits of unstructured play outdoors.

Catalyst: Nature Play

When was the last time your child climbed a tree? Catalyst investigates the science of outdoor play and shows how it can improve children’s health, academic performance, social development and overall well being.

Outdoor Exploration with Emily

Wilderness Educator, artist and mother Emily van Lidth de Jeude hosts this Outdoor Exploration video series as a way of keeping in touch with nature during the pandemic.