Children spend a significant portion of their childhood in early years settings and primary schools. Therefore these spaces should support children’s learning and innate desire to explore, imagine, be curious and play.


They should be tactile spaces where children can interact with natural elements like water and mud, invent games, build cubbies with sticks, observe butterflies, caterpillars and other creatures of the natural world, feel a sense of adventure, experiment with risk-taking and find a space to be themselves.


To support educators in providing the best learning environment they can, we’ve developed a range of resources below. Our educator’s membership launched in October 2017. It has a host of tools to optimise your space’s potential and take learning outcomes even further.

Outdoor Learning – Risks & Benefits

Rich play and learning opportunities need to be influenced by considered design, planning and construction and by the pedagogy and risk/benefit philosophy of educators. This cross sector resource provides tools and information to help educators see the value of self-exploration, discovery and challenge for children’s development and uses SA case study sites to share their experiences and convictions in helping children balance risk and challenge and optimise learning opportunities.


Natural Playspaces Principles

From listening to children’s voices to using loose parts there are a series of factors to consider when designing a natural play space in an education setting. We explore these in detail within our ‘Natural Playspaces Principles’ info sheet


Natural Playspaces Getting Started

From consultation with your school community to preparing a plan, we’ve provided some simple steps to help you get started with your natural playspace with our ‘Natural Playspaces Getting Started’ info sheet.


Natural Playspace Designers and Contractors

Selecting a qualified designer or builder that suits your educational context and understands compliance requirements of Australian Standards will ensure you have a long-lasting playspace that meets the needs of school community. This list includes individuals and organisations who understand natural playspaces, how to design or build them in line with current Standards.


Site Consults


Whilst we are not designers, we can provide you with an overview of what could be possible for your space through visiting your site (only available within the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Region). We can talk you through consultation processes as well as the practical requirements for the space you’re wanting to develop.


Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.

Cost: $185 incl. GST and Members $166.60 incl. GST