Painted rainbows of hope created by children during COVID-19



What a place we find ourselves in. Right now, we need each other. Our families, our friends, and the strength within ourselves. We know our community is navigating difficult and uncertain times, as we also are as a local not-for-profit organisation heavily impacted by COVID-19.


Despite the challenges, Nature Play SA remains committed to making a difference. Whatever ensues, we will do everything in our power to support families to find hope, joy and build positive memories over the coming months.


As such, we are delighted to provide our free online guide – Family, Nature & COVID-19 – to support families during the pandemic.


Family, Nature and COVID-19 has a strong focus on nurturing the mental health and wellbeing of families, including providing accessible, nature-based methods that can be practiced at home, your neighbourhood and nearby nature.


We hope you find a level of comfort, relief, and hope is you flick through the pages and put the guide into practice.