We’re at a critical period in time. In just a few short generations, we’ve seen childhoods defined by long hours outdoors shift to ones predominantly spent indoors with increasing amounts of screen time. With such a dramatic change in the way children play comes significant change in children’s overall development and wellbeing. Research is telling us that less time outdoors is leading to serious issues for children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, sensory and social development.


The good news? Recent years have seen an emerging and powerful global movement aiming to change these trends and reconnect our children with nature. The children and nature movement is building traction across Australia, and here in SA, Nature Play SA has been working tirelessly with partners and the community to build momentum and empower big change for the benefit of our children.


We want our children to be climbing trees, catching tadpoles, exploring new places, getting dirty, playing freely, and actively learning with nature. We want to bring the nature play of the past to modern childhood. Want to get involved? We’re so pleased to invite you to join us on our nature play journey as we launch the Nature Play SA Collective.