Entertaining and in depth conversation with author Hanna Rosin about modern Western society’s obsession with child safety, which asks whether we have stripped childhood of independence and the joys of discovery.  Discusses why many parents are full of nostalgic memories of their own free range childhoods yet so fixed on the idea that the world is a more dangerous place than it used to be.

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Length: 52m : 18s

Subject Area: Risk, safety

Italian childhood advocate Professor Carla Rinaldi, president of the global Reggio Children movement, presented this report during her Adelaide Thinker in Residency. In it, she encourages educators and the wider community to rethink notions of childhood learning, recognising that children learn from birth. Professor Rinaldi urges South Australia to divide early education into two distinct learning groups, from birth to three and from age three to six, and introduce recognised degree qualifications for everyone working with children in these age brackets.

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Childhood has always been about climbing trees,
getting dirty, walking on wobbly logs,
and venturing into imaginary worlds.
We need to nurture this childhood.
We need to take risks and be brave.

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