Kathleen Lockyer, creator of the Nature-Led Approach is an Occupational Therapist of 20 years experience and a leader in Sensory Processing Disorders and Therapeutic Listening. She is also a Naturalist, Herbalist and mother of two teenage women.  Kathleen has dedicated her life to creating programs and trainings to facilitate child development by using routines of Sensory Processing and Integration in the natural world. Kathleen is a self proclaimed “fierce protector of children and childhood” and her empowering blog and mentorship program is a light in the storm for parents & educators with sensitive children.

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Subject Area: Occupational Therapy


Wearable cameras engage young children as active researchers in recording their experiences in natural environments


This article explores ‘Sensory Tours’ through the use of wearable cameras with children as a data collection source to engage young children as active researchers in recording their experiences in natural environments. It involved children wearing cameras during free play and subsequent discussions whilst watching the videos they had created. It stimulated discussions providing different perspective and understandings from the children.  This method captures children’s unique perspectives of being-in-the-world, depicting what they see, hear, say, touch, and their interactions with others. It is a nonintrusive means of collecting data, providing children with control over what data they collect. Sensory Tours provide a means for children to analyze, reconstruct, and interpret aspects of their experiences in discussions with peers and adults. It also enables us to see how children interact with the natural environment.

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Ep 1 – Angela Hanscom on the rise in sensory issues in children.

Occupational Therapist Angela Hanscom, creator of TimberNook and author of ‘Balanced and Barefoot’ explains why a childhood disconnect from nature is having such a profound affect on children’s sensory integration. Angela clarifies why extended, unstructured and, for the most part, unsupervised outdoor play is a key component to healthy development.

Includes practical tips for parents to instigate children’s outdoor play.

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Length: 4m : 25s