Learn more about Kurrajongs, Gum Nuts, Sheoaks and more with this resource.

After all, the more we know about the things that we have collected from nature, the more we can share with children and inspire their natural curiosity.

Have fun creating opportunities for yourself and children to inquire together and ask who, why, what, where and how with these labels and information cards.



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A step-by-step guide to setting up your own investigation table this autumn.

Forage for fallen natural materials in your local environment this autumn and create a sensory investigation table, full of wonder and delight.

Here are 5 ways to involve your little Autumn Adventurers when foraging for fallen treasures beneath your feet.


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Close your eyes and use your sense of touch this autumn to explore the various shapes and textures all around you.

As our world changes through this season take the opportunity to relish in all its glory.

Take advantage of the fallen gems of nature and use them to communicate thoughts and questions as you explore… what’s in the bag?

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Think outside of the box when making your play dough this season. Warm the senses, using natural dyes and spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Observe children look in amazement as the colours of autumn combine into golden spheres of possibility.

Watch how imaginations thrive and conversations develop through the combined use of play dough and natural materials.

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The simplicity of creating a nature crown has a magic all of its own with the careful selection of materials providing a platform for shared learning and discovery.

Autumn materials provide children with a broad range of attributes with which to sort, pattern and arrange


There are a multitude of ways to bring numeracy to life during this activity.

Counting items with 1 to 1 correspondence, ordering and sticking down items from shortest to longest (or vice versa) or creating a colour or shape pattern and continuing this for someone else.


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Outdoor learning environments come alive in autumn. Leaves are blowing, puddles are forming, and grey skies provide a backdrop like no other.

There are so many opportunities for incidental and planned learning in these spaces. Inspiration comes from tuning in and noticing these changes – big and small.

Our team has embraced the affordances of autumn to create programs for children, with a high-level of engagement from both the young and young at heart.

Here are some ways to get started with creating your own Amazing Autumn experiences.

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A series of nature and wild space inspiration cards to print off and use with your class.

These activities can be completed in any education setting and suit all stages of schooling.

Use them daily, with buddy classes, as home challenges, or woven into your outdoor learning program.

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