10. Go snorkeling


Go snorkeling: activate different muscles by learning to snorkel or try other water activities that suit your ability.



Grab a buddy and jump in for an underwater adventure within South Australia’s world-class marine parks and beaches. 


Whether it’s your local coastline or something further afield, you can relax and explore the unique aquatic life of our beaches, rockpools, jetties, mangroves, and rivers. 


If you’re new to snorkelling or don’t own equipment, we recommend booking with a snorkel tour company or group likeEMS Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries. Trained guides, shore support, and safety protocols ensure safety and comfort, whilepool snorkel 101 classesteach the basics and build your family’s confidence before venturing into the ocean.  


When planning a snorkel, check weather and sea conditions, be sun smart, and pack ample water, snacks, and well-maintained snorkel gear. Wear a wetsuit, snorkel with a buddy, and let someone know your snorkel entry/exit point and when you plan to return. A dive flag on a float and a cutting tool is essential for safety, as is a first aid kit and charged mobile phone.  


For some inspiration on where to go:  



For some inspiration on what plants and animals you may encounter check out:  



There are many great organisations that run events that incorporate snorkeling including Green Adelaide’s Coastal Ambassadors (including a program for youth), Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries, Nature Play SA, Nature Festival (during October).