10. Gymnastics


Gymnastics: complete a handstand against a wall or with a partner and/or complete a single balance using your hands, knees, feet or attempt a partner balance.


Gymnastics has many benefits including building strength, flexibility and power, developing posture and body movement, builds creativity and self-confidence, challenges the mind and encourages fun, fitness, and friendship.

Gymnastics is an inclusive sport offers opportunities for all abilities.



Gymnastics Australia

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is the national governing body for gymnastics within Australia. Established in 1949, Gymnastics Australia’s mission is to promote, develop and grow gymnastics for the enjoyment of all.

Derived GymSports, Gymnastics Australia have seven dedicated types of gymnastics:  


  • Aerobic gymnastics -Fast and dynamic, individual or groupsshowing strength, agility and flexibility 
  • Acrobatic gymnastics - Balances, throws and teamworkcombined into spectacular routines 


Gymnastics SA

Gymnastics South Australia Incorporated is the peak body for Gymnastics in South Australia and is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia. Gymnastics South Australia is a not-for-profit association, comprising affiliated clubs, life members, registered athletes and technical members (coaches and judges). 

Gymnastics South Australia embraces seven GymSports, they are: 

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Gymnastics for All

Gymnastics coaches are trained to adapt movements to suit everyone’s needs; if you’re looking for something more specialised, Gymnastic Australia’s GymAbility programoffers more specific programs to suit all levels of physical and mental ability. 

 GymAbility is an umbrella brand for all initiatives within Gymnastics Australia, State Association members and clubs that seek to include people with disabilities in any capacity within gymnastics, including as an athlete, coach, judge, volunteer or other. 

GymAbility’s inclusive programs and resources offered by Gymnastics Australia may include: 


Other Resources

  • Check out Aboriginal role model and National Gymnastics Champion Mikayla George