12. Pick up litter


Pick up litter: get your step count up and head to your local beach, creek, or park and pick up litter with a friend.



Litter can impact wildlife in quite a big way. Reducing our use of plastics and excessive packaging is the first step to preventing more litter from entering waterways and oceans. In March 2021 South Australia became the first state or territory to ban the use of single-use plastics which is such an important initiative for our environment.  


Picking up litter or joining a Clean Up Australia initiative can be a small but very important step to looking after our environment. All you need is some gloves, tongs, and a bag. Care should be taken with any sharp objects and there are some specific sharps containers that can be used if you are dealing with sharp items.  


For tips on knowing what to recycle check out Wipe out Waste