14. Volunteer in nature


Volunteer in nature: use your hands in different ways by joining volunteers to plant trees, do some weeding or help a friend out in their garden.



Volunteering in nature has some great benefits. It keeps us physically active, helps us make friends, and we can learn so much about plants and wildlife. For the environment – every little thing we do can make such a big difference.  


There are many places, groups and initiatives to donate some time and start making a big difference: 


  • Friends of Parks (help plant, weed, monitor, and keep an eye on our precious wildlife) 
  • Coastcare groups (look after the dunes through weeding, litter collection and planting) 
  • Local Councils (check with your local council what voluntary environmental groups operate) 
  • Clean Up Australia Day (start your own clean up or find one near you) 
  • National Tree Day (join thousands of Australians across the country to plant trees)