17. Skateboarding and scooting


Skateboarding and scooting: challenge yourself with a new skill.


Skateboarding and scooting is an expressive and creative sport that can take place on the street or in skateparks. It can be competitive or just for fun. In the 2020 Olympics Skateboarding featured for the first time. Check out Momiji Nishiya who was just 13 when he took out Gold Medal for street skating.



Skateboarding Lessons

There are many skateboarding and scooting schools in Australia. In South Australia there are classes run by the YMCA, and Daily Grind for children 3 to 17 years, and Free Mind Skate School for all ages.  


There are many informal groups of skateboarders across Australia and the world. Gather a bunch of friends together and create your own skate crew to practice new skills.  



Blind Skateboarding

Whilst blind skateboarding isn’t a competitive sport (yet) it doesn’t stop anyone from learning new skills. Blind skateboarder Dan Mancina skates using his cane and encourages others with vision impairment to aim high. Check out his amazing skills, resilience and determination. 


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