18. Lawn Bowls


Lawn Bowls: attempt drawing a ‘resting toucher.’ 


Lawn Bowls is a gentle and accessible sport that has a high focus on community. It has a range of benefits including improved coordination, increased confidence and self-esteem, improved strength and mobility, and it can have positive impact on mental health through the social benefits.



Bowls SA

The Governing body for Lawn Bowls in SA. There are 213 clubs across the state. They also run programs encouraging inclusivity and diversity in the sport: 





Blind and Low vision Lawn Bowls

Blind Lawn Bowls can be played at any club. Blind Sports SA can offer support and guidance to support inclusion. See also the Australian Blind Bowlers Association who, every four years, participate in the World Championships hosted by the International Blind Bowls Association. 


Check out Bowls Australia Coaching Educational Series on coaching a vison impaired player. 


For classification and more information for playing bowls with a disability see  Disability Sports Australia