19. Archery


Archery: be able to shoot at a maximum distance of 40 metres and stay focussed for up to 2 hours.


Archery is one of the oldest sports still practised today. The Ancient Egyptians are the earliest people known to use bow and arrows for hunting. Using a bow and arrow requires a great deal of skill, precision, co-ordination, control, focus, strength and patience. It’s a sport that can be practised by all no matter age, gender or ability. While it may not appear to be very physical, the calorie usage of winning Olympic golds is equivalent to 10 minutes of dancing.



Archery Australia

Archery is governed by Archery Australia and affiliated with World Archery and the World Crossbow Shooting Association. There are 130 archery clubs across Australia who are keen to welcome new members.  Most clubs run Come and Try Sessions with experienced coaches and if you want to become an Olympic archer, there are pathways and high performance programs to help you reach your international, Olympic or Paralympic dreams.   




Archery SA

There are clubs all around SA both indoor and outdoors. Beginner classes are offered by most Clubs and these are recommended before joining a Club and shooting regularly.  As part of an introduction to Archer, all Clubs will offer instructions on how to use the equipment, proper techniques and form, and the Range Rules and Safety Procedures.  Some Clubs also offer Junior coaching.   




Inclusive Archery

Archery is easily adaptable for all ages, abilities and cultures. Para-Archery accommodates athletes with a physical disability and para-archers can shoot alongside other archers and have access to competitions using modified equipment with slightly modified rules over 3 classes, Open, Standing and Wheelchair. Para archers are encouraged to compete in all Archery Australia events such as the National Championships and Australian Open. In its evolution as a Paralympic sport (first featured in 1960), archery was originally a means of rehabilitation and recreation for people with a physical disability following the Second World War. Archery SA is working towards Para-Archery competition at state events and throughout Clubs in SA. The Paralympics has a great info sheet on Para-archery. 




Other Resources

  • OzBow Program (step by step performance and reward-based program for people of all ages and skill levels to allow them to develop skills before joining mainstream archery activities)