2. Build a cubby


Build a cubby: practice working in a team and sharing ideas with friends building a cubby or something else outdoors that suits your ability.



Spending time with friends and working on something together such as cubby has so many benefits.  From teamwork and cooperation to creativity and imagination it can help build important lifelong skills.  


At a basic level, all you need to build cubbies is sticks and time. To take your cubby to the next level try using rope (or the popular STICK-LETS®, sheets or a tarp and try to make something big enough to have a snack in!  


It’s very important not to build cubbies in sensitive areas, especially in National Parks. A great way to get started is collecting sticks from local reserves (especially after stormy weather) to build backyard cubbies. 


Nature Play SA offers some great school incursions and excursion programs (cubbies in Belair National Park is one of the most popular!) and often has events throughout the year.