20. Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee: throw a forehand flick.


Ultimate Frisbee has National and State organisations and leagues including the Adelaide Dragons, though it is mostly known as a self-referred and organised team sport that involves mix gendered teams. It is highly accessible due to its affordability, only needing a frisbee, 8 marker cones and a group of players. It can also be played indoor on smaller fields with less players, as well as on the beach.



Flying Disc Association Limited/Ultimate Australia

The Australian Flying Disc Association Limited (AFDA) is the peak organisation for disc sports in Australia. It provides services for its members at the national and international level. The branding “Ultimate Australia” refers to the flying disc sport widely known as ‘Ultimate’ Check out Ultimate Australia’s promo video. 



South Australian Ultimate

SA Ultimate provides information on opportunities statewide for youth programs, schools, teaching resources, coaching, competitions, clubs and more.  




Wheelchair Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee is an ideal sport for those in a wheelchair. You can check out a game here. The World Flying Disc Federation has also released the Flying Disc Parasport Wheelchair Ultimate – BOOK 1 online guide. Also check out 10 Million Discs for some inspiration. 




Other Resources

  • School programs for children in reception to Year 6 and secondary students (Australian Sports Commission) 
  • Free online course for level 1 Community Coaching Course (Ultimate SA)