3. Cricket


Cricket: hit a boundary


Cricket is long-loved sport in Australia and across the world. So many Australians look forward to the summer of cricket. Cricket is a very inclusive sport with opportunities for all. As a great team sport there are some great skills to explore such as batting, bowling, catching, and fielding.



Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia is the national governing body for the game of cricket in Australia and has a number diversity and inclusion initiatives associated with:




South Australian Cricket Association (SACA)

The SACA coordinates international and domestic cricket matches, coaching and development programs for boys and girls, umpiring and ground management. It also administers high-performance cricket in SA, including the West End Redbacks, SA Scorpions and Adelaide Strikers men’s and women’s teams.


SACA also provides extensive opportunities for learning and playing cricket including:




Women and Girls’ Cricket

There are many opportunities and pathways for girls to be involved in cricket for all levels aged from 5 upwards. The SA Scorpions are the elite women’s team in SA who compete across Australia along with the Adelaide Strikers women’s team. Our international team is the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. Find local opportunities for girls cricket here.




Aboriginal Cricket

SACA along with the Aboriginal Cricket Advisory Committee SA provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to be involved with cricket in SA. For example, they have identified pathways for Aboriginal cricketers, have Aboriginal cricket carnivals, host the annual National Indigenous Cricket Championships, and offer Aboriginal scholarships.




Multicultural Cricket

The Multicultural Cricket Advisory Committee of South Australia (MCACSA) looks at enhancing the involvement of people at all levels in cricket with a number of programs to support community and culture in cricket.




Cricket for People Living with a Disability

The SACA works with leading disability organisations in South Australia to provide a range of opportunities for players living with disability and is committed to providing accessible options for all players and supporters.


They currently offer:

  • Blind Cricket through Blind Cricket SA (check out these highlights)
  • Table Cricket
  • Entry Level Programs – for children aged 5 to 16
  • Indoor Cricket


SACA sends the following teams away to compete, as well as providing coaches, team managers and mentors to assist:

  • Aboriginal Women and Men
  • Blind and Vision Impaired
  • Cricketers with an Intellectual Disability
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women and Men


Take a look at what it’s like in the day in the life of an Australian Blind Cricketer.




Blind Cricket South Australia

Blind Cricket South Australia (BCSA) was formed in 1958 with a proud history of fostering the game of blind cricket. The club’s season begins in October and concludes at the end of March, with programs running for both junior and adult players.




Indoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket is a fun and fast-paced form of the game that can be played all year round. Every player gets to bat, bowl and field regardless of skill level.


Across SA there are several state representative teams that include urban, rural, Aboriginal, individuals with disability, and men and woman’s teams. There are several opportunities to get involved including:



The McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation was founded by one of Australia’s greatest fast bowlers of all time – Glen McGrath. The foundation raises money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia in memory of Jane McGrath. Every year the Sydney Cricket Ground turns pink as part of the Domain Pink Test with Day 3 named Jane McGrath Day and raises money for the Foundation.




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