3. Plant veggies


Plant veggies: nurture the earth and your soul by planting veggies and herbs in your garden or a pot.



There’s nothing quite like homegrown produce. The smell of freshly picked tomatoes, the crunch of newly podded peas and the anticipation of pulling your first carrot or beetroot from the soil. Whilst there is some work involved – gardening is a journey of trial and error, nurture, and nourishment.


Here are five ways to get you prepared and excited about gardening:


  1. Select the right veggie patch that suits your space (from pots to raised garden beds there are plenty of options)
  2. Make sure your patch is in a nice sunny position, sheltered from strong winds
  3. Prepare your soil with good quality compost and for extra nutrients add some aged horse or cow manure
  4. If just starting out, choose fast-growing reliable veggies that you like to eat (a combination of herbs, leafy greens, root-based veggies, and those that produce vegetables from a flower i.e. tomatoes and zucchinis)
  5. Water your veggies regularly
  6. Tend to your garden with joy and it will teach you many things.


One of South Australia’s most loved gardeners and presenters is Sophie Thompson (Sophie’s Patch) has a great book, blog and often hosts and presents at events.