4. Soccer


Soccer: successfully shoot top corner of the goal from a dribble.


Soccer is a global team sport and great for developing all around movement skills such as kicking, running, jumping, throwing, catching, hopping, skipping, and dodging.



Football SA

Football SA is the governing body of soccer in SA and they want everyone to have access to football, whether you live in the city or in a regional area of our state.





A great initiative for boys and girls, aged 4-11 years old to get involved in soccer. It is an introductory Kick-Off program designed for new players with weekly 45 min sessions aimed at building skills through games and simple drills.  A great way to make new friends, develop social skills, teamwork, co-operation, fair play, and respect for others. Check out he MiniRoos parent pack.




MiniRoos Club Football

The home of Australia’s largest network of grassroots football clubs providing opoprtunities for boys and girls of all abilities aged between 5-11 to play small sided games with modified rules at the weekend.




MiniRoos Kick-Off for Girls Programs

This program is the perfect introduction to soccer and begin involvement in a sport that keeps girls active and engaged with the opportunity to build confidence and skills until they feel ready to take that next step and join a team or competition.




Football SA Futsal

Futsal is a high-intensity, fast-paced, dynamic and fun 5-a-side version of football for boys and girls.  Played indoors, on a smaller court, it’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It uses a smaller ball and smaller goals making it very exciting. There are competitions, associations, carnivals and Academies located throughout SA.





Soccajoeys run Non-Competitive Kids’ Soccer Classes For Children Aged 2.5 to 11 years all over Australia. The program helps children develop valuable life skills such as active movement, play and social interaction. There are fun, inclusive and dynamic kids soccer classes.


It offers programs for:




Little Kickers

A worldwide Preschool football program combining football skills with preschool learning concepts such as colours, number recognition, sharing, following instructions, imagination and fun.  Four different classes are offered:




Resilient Kicks

Is an inclusive small-group football program offering children of all skill levels, the opportunity to be part of an inclusive soccer group. It helps build skills in children and young adults and fosters self-value, resilience and social inclusion.  Proven to be a beneficial initiative for those with a disability, developmental delays and emotional regulation challenges.




Inclusive Football SA

In 2016, the founders of One Culture Football, Josh Smith and Nader Ibrahim, recognised that not all groups in the SA community had access to mainstream sports and so began an inclusive football program and has become a registered NDIS disability provider in SA and NSW. It is open to all ages and abilities across 6 different venues in Adelaide. The program focuses on football (soccer) but also on health and wellbeing, motor skills, confidence and self-esteem and aims to cultivate an environment where everyone feels comfortable taking part and having fun in an inclusive sports program.




Blind Soccer (Blind Sports SA)

Blind soccer (B1) is an internationally recognised sport at the Paralympics, played outdoors by athletes who are blind or partially vision impaired on a 40m x 20m pitch, with side kickboards and an audible ball. There are two teams of five; four outfield players and a goalkeeper. The outfield players wear eye-shades to equal their sight and the goalkeeper can be fully or partially sighted. Check out this information sheet by Paralympics Australia. You can also see the Australian Blind Football Handbook. 




Powerchair Football Program

SA Powerchair Football Championship run by One Culture, offers an opportunity for people who utilise a power wheelchair for daily mobility to join this competition.  Inclusive of all disabilities and open to all ages, gender and diverse backgrounds – it can be enjoyed by a range of people with different levels of movement.  It is fun, dynamic and offers a range of skills for players.




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