9. Go camping


Go camping: get your whole body moving in the wild by going camping or having a backyard camp out.



From windswept shores to ochre ranges, nothing beats immersing the family in South Australia’s wonderous National Parks where you’ll discover special charms like winter campfires, bushwalks, fascinating wildlife and blooming wildflowers. 


Camping is a great way to wind down and take time to connect with nature and each other. The great thing about camping is there are many options that suit your level of comfort – some opt for a cabin or caravan whilst others a camper trailer, tent or swag (or try a backyard campout!). 


When camping in SA it’s important you book ahead online 


In SA we have some amazing spots, check out these resources for inspiration: 



If you’re into learning new skills try this book on 40 knots and how to tie them.