9. Volleyball


Volleyball: try an overarm serve.


Volleyball was invented in 1895 and has been played across Australia since the 1920’s becoming an Olympic sport in 1964 and Beach Volleyball in 1992. Volleyball has many benefits for overall health and wellbeing as it’s active, social, and builds our aerobic capacity.



Volleyball SA

Volleyball SA is our premier Volleyball organisation that wants more people to discover and enjoy the sport of Volleyball in SA.  There are opportunities for all ages to get involved across the state competitively, socially, or as part of Volleyball Clinics offered every school holidays. 




Beach Volleyball (Volleyball SA)

Beach Volleyball can be for fun or as part of a competition. One of the sports icons of the game is Taliqua Clancy a proud Wulli Wulli and Goreng Goreng woman from Kingaroy and the first Indigenous Australian volleyball player to represent Australia at the Olympics. Another well-known beach volleyball athlete is Mariafe Artacho del Solar who migrated from Peru at age 11. Both girls started out as Juniors and ended up representing Australia at the 2022 Olympics in Tokyo. 


Volleyball SA offers a range of opportunities to get involved.




Junior Beach Volleyball (Volleyball SA)

Available for anyone under 19 years of age. 8-13 year old’s can start out with Entry-level Kids Volley, a Mini Volley modified version of 4-a-side volleyball. 


If you’re looking for competition Volleyball, the SA Beach Volleyball Series offers competition for Junior Beachies every second Saturday through summer.  You can play 1, 2, 3 or all rounds.  It’s a competition, but commitment free without the need to commit to the entire season, just play the events you want. 




Training Sessions (Volleyball SA)

Aimed at beginners and lower-grade players who want to improve their volleyball skills.  A 45-minute session on skills with an experienced coach will be followed by unstructured gameplay to put practice into action. 




Summer Junior League (Volleyball SA)

A recreational style season-long indoor volleyball competition open to Club, School and social teams, played over the summer months in Terms 1 and 4. 




Competition Volleyball (Volleyball SA)

The SA Volleyball League (SAVL) – Junior Divisions is the premier youth volleyball competition in SA.  Players of all levels can represent their Club or School on a weekly basis.  Open to anyone under the age of 19.  





Spikezone is Volleyball Australia’s entry-level Volleyball program for kids aged between 5-13 years. There are Learn to Play courses and competition activities using modified equipment and rules to ensure it’s fun, active, skill-based and team centred.  Run through School terms, they’re offered at Spikezone Centres.  There are five Centres in metro Adelaide.   




Sitting Volleyball

An inclusive option for every ability, Sitting Volleyball is played indoors, on a small court and lower net, players move around the court in a seated position on the floor.  It gives everyone the opportunity to play for a bit of fun and exercise or to aspire to participate at a future Paralympics. If you can sit on the floor unaided, move at least one arm, can slide around the floor and can catch and throw a ball, you can play Sitting Volleyball.


Two other disciples of volleyball for athletes with a physical disability: are deaf and standing beach volleyball.


Deaf volleyball is played by athletes with a hearing impairment and standing Beach volleyball is played by athletes with milder impairments, who are able to stand, run and lunge without assistance.