9. Whittle


Whittle: learn the art of whittling and whittle wands, tools, or other creations.


Whittling is a great way to learn a new skill and can be very rewarding. It takes patience and helps with concentration and focus. Follow these steps to create a wand:


  1. Select a stick about 15 to 20cm as thick as a finger
  2. Select your tool (they vary from peelers, rounded knives, and knives with sharp points to carve details)
  3. Create a blood bubble (tip: your arms shouldn’t reach anyone around you)
  4. Whittle away (put your elbows on your knees to create a safety triangle). Always whittle away from your body, the blade should glide, if it gets stuck adjust your angle and try again, a glove provides extra protection just in case.
  5. Sand your wand
  6. Decorate your wand with paint, string, feathers other nature finds
  7. cast your spells!


Check out the range of whittling tools available at Nature Play SA and this great book 50 things to make with a penknife.