3) Defining & Designing

Where to Start and how to Make the Most of a Natural Play Space: Nature Play SA General Manager Jason Tyndall provides some guidance on defining and designing a natural play space with a series of ideas that he regularly presents on, has been involved with, or has observed in other settings.


In this overview he stresses the need for a site to involve their whole community so that the space meaningfully reflects the thoughts and expressions of children.




Go Further:

The team at Green Adelaide have created a Coastal Gardens and Adelaide Gardens planting guide so you can research and plan you own native garden space.




What Are The Seven Cs?

“Seven Cs is an informational guide for early childhood educators, designers, administrators, and parents.1 The goal of Seven Cs is to
help people design outdoor play spaces that support the development of young children

and integrate the unique qualities of playing outdoors. The guide should be used in concert with existing codes, safety regulations, and design guidelines.”