Go Wild with Nature Journaling


The ‘Go Wild with Nature Play SA’ digital resource pack, contains a series of nature and wild space lessons, activities and inspiration cards to print off and use at school and home.


There are six lenses to outdoor exploration using the Go Wild challenge cards.

  • Exploring sense in nature
  • Noticing nature
  • Finding nature
  • Creating nature inspired art
  • Spending time in nature
  • Spend time in natural settings



What would it feel like to take learning outside and do something wild every day?

What might your class investigate, explore and create?

How might these experiences be shared, reflected upon and harnessed as multidisciplinary learning opportunities?


An introduction to nature journaling 

Record the day / time / weather / wind

Sketch what you can see around you – up close and far away.

Sketch what you can see in the sky and down at the ground.

Draw flowers and trees that you can see. Can you copy their shape?

Draw, trace or rub over leaves that you find.

Can you see any wildlife around? Record what they are doing

Make a prediction: what do you think will happen in this space in the coming weeks or months?



More about nature journaling


Mental Health and Wellbeing

We know that engaging with nature is good for our brains and good for our bodies. It calms our minds and ignites our senses. We also know that it takes time to create new habits, routines and rituals. These fun, engaging and simple challenges, might just create the healthiest new habit for you and your class!