National Conference – Taking Risks for Wellbeing

On the 23rd of October 2023, Nature Play SA is hosting a National Conference, Taking Risks for Wellbeing, at the National Wine Centre.   


Taking Risks for Wellbeing is a call to action. It asks educators, policymakers, health practitioners and services that support families and children to be bold in their approach toward nurturing and maintaining children’s wellbeing. Through provisions for risk-taking in play spaces, as well as in their approach to teaching and learning. Stepping outside the accepted norm to champion wellbeing as a priority.  


It means delving deep into what wellbeing looks like for the whole child. Facilitating action to change or improve school approaches to teaching, learning and play to foster a culture where wellbeing can thrive.  


The Conference will feature two well-known and prominent keynote speakers: Tim Gill (UK), renowned author, speaker, consultant and global advocate for children’s play and mobility; and Madhavi Nawana Parker (Aus), Director of Positive Minds Australia, who is one of Australia’s leading experts on wellbeing and resilience.