Outdoor learning in a South Australian Context


This one-day professional learning event will explore contemporary and innovative approaches to teaching and learning using outdoor learning environments.


A series of small workshops will focus on;


  • Embedding the (ACARA) Outdoor Learning Curriculum Connection
  • Exploring all 3 dimensions of the Australian Curriculum through outdoor inquiry
  • Sustaining engagement through language and literacy in the outdoors
  • Creative approaches to maths – bringing concepts to life
  • Creating magical spaces for creativity and imagination
  • The potential for differentiation in the great outdoors
  • Loose parts play and more.


2022 – Session Details Coming SOON

This one-day workshop will provide teachers, leaders and educators with ideas, inspiration and knowledge to value add to any outdoor learning or nature play experience.


Join us to lead with confidence in outdoor environments and develop a dynamic approach to teaching within all three dimensions of the Australian Curriculum.