Stick Challenges



Sticks are open-ended elements that encourage children to be creative, imaginative, and exist in worlds where they have full control. They can be an inventor, creator, director, engineer or scientist. What does a child imagine when they have a stick in their hands and what stories will they create if we allow them?



Before exploring the world of sticks, discuss with your children how they should and shouldn’t be used. By forming a mutual stick agreement you can empower students to govern their play and ensure they are aware of how to keep their play environment, and the children within it, as safe as necessary. The agreement can also include how large sticks are carried and how to be respectful of the natural environment when sourcing sticks.


Suggestions for safe and constructive stick play include;

  • Walk when carrying a stick
  • Always have one end in hand and the other pointing to the ground
  • Carry large sticks with one end in hand and the other end on the ground behind you
  • Never point a stick
  • Sticks are used for constructive and not destructive play





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