Welcome and Begin Here

Welcome to our Term 2 Member’s Lounge Spotlight.


Each term, we proudly share a new suite of resources to support you, our members, with inspiration, tips and guidelines for ‘all things’ nature play and outdoor learning. This term, our focus is to educate and inspire with a range of resources about place-making, play spaces and outdoor learning.


Whether you’re looking to reimagine tired or neglected spaces, transform native garden spaces that attract butterflies and at risk fauna, or create play opportunities which are missing from your spaces, these carefully curated resources can provide a roadmap forward.


Resources 1 to 4 – Focus on play space principles, design and the environment as the third teacher.

Resources 5 to 8 – Hear from experts in design and places to go for research.

Resources 9 to 11 –  Watch these videos to explore a low, middle and high budget approach to the transformation of spaces.


Our learning and play spaces must be responsive to the wants and needs of the children who occupy them. They should provide opportunities for meeting and collaborating and storytelling. Our schools and learning spaces should be a home of opportunity, places that create comfort and nourish children’s bodies, minds, and souls. The health and wellbeing of has never been more important. Recently, South Australian Education Minister Blair Boyer stated:


Wellbeing must be given equal focus to NAPLAN results following concerns about kids’ mental health“.

– (Adelaide Advertiser, April 30)


We know that both children and adults alike benefit from ‘green time.’ Time in nature is good for our bodies and even better for our brains. It also supports students to engage and academic achievement. These curated resources will support your venture to create meaningful spaces in your learning environment and help take learning outdoors, with positive wellbeing benefits being the outcome for all.