Natural PlaySpaces

Bring nature and fun back to your children’s playspaces.

Transform your back yard, school or local park into a beautiful space that provides limitless play possibilities your children will love.

Natural PlaySpaces

Playspaces should instill a sense of wonder, generate curiosity and spark children’s imaginations. They should be places where children can have fun, get dirty and choose what and how they play. Play spaces should enable children to be challenged, boisterous, messy and above all, themselves.

Nature is filled with beautiful sights, sounds and textures. It provides all the sensory experiences children need. So it makes sense to mimic nature when we create spaces for our children to enjoy.

Bring nature and fun back to your children’s playspaces. Transform your back yard, school or local park into a beautiful space that inspires and delights your children with limitless play possibilities.

Nature Play SA’s Natural Playspace Principles can help guide the development of your inspiring natural playspaces.

Download our info sheet on Natural Playspaces Principles



You don’t need a huge space or a big budget to transform your backyard into a special place that offers endless, creative fun for your children. Download our list of natural playspace ideas that will enable you to start small and add as you go.

Download our info sheet on Natural Playspaces – Families


If you need help to turn your dream for a natural playspace at your school into a reality, Nature Play SA can assist.

Before you get started, make sure you’ve considered the Nature Play SA ‘Natural Playspace Principles’ as a guide to ensure the important elements that make up a natural playspace are included.

Download our Info Sheet on Natural Playspace Principles.

Beginning the process can be daunting.  We have compiled some tips and pointers to help you get the development process right, from beginning to end.

Download our Info Sheet on Natural Playspaces Getting Started.

Register for one of our Natural Playspace workshops or contact us to come to your school or site, to share our expertise and inspire your staff or parents to get started.

Nature Play SA have followed the journey of one School and its community who were committed to providing a natural playspace for the benefit of their students and wider local community.  Trinity Gardens Primary School have transformed two ovals into spaces that provide unlimited, unstructured play experiences.  We have captured the process they undertook to create a co-designed, community space, rich in education, play and social experiences.

If you are serious about transforming your grounds into a space that will be enjoyed by all who use it, set aside the next 20 mins and watch how Trinity Gardens Primary transformed an unused, boggy oval into Portrush Forest.

Nature Play SA can also refer you to designers and contractors that can help you create and build your natural playspace.  The list includes individuals and organisations who understand natural playspaces, how to design or build them and what Australian Standards need to be met for compliance.  Use this list as a guide and contact us if you need more information.

Download our list of Natural playspace designers & contractors

Grove Kindergarten are an exemplar site promoting nature play through authentic learning experiences.  They have created a sensory haven that nurtures children’s curiosity, independent thinking, ability to challenge and confidence to experiment.  Watch the 5 min video clip and get a sense of what an outdoor learning environment can offer.