Nature Memory Cards

Playing games together can bring so much joy to a family. Whether it’s monopoly, snakes and ladders or a good old-fashioned game of memory. It can be even more rewarding if you’ve made the game yourself as it can be played for years to come.

Art can be a powerful form of mindfulness – as we paint or softly colour a sketch, we find a sense of calm. We have time to think. When done together as a family, we are absorbed with matters the most – a sense of togetherness. Of love. Of belonging.

Not only does nature-inspired art channel creativity but can also ignite imagination, curiosity and provide a thirst for knowledge. And when combined with a hand-crafted game for the whole family to enjoy – it creates an atmosphere of joy, laughter and pride.


  • 6 slightly thick x A4 sheets of paper (if painting, watercolour paper is preferable but not a necessity)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Coloured pencils and/or watercolour paints with brushes
  • String or ribbon



  1. Go for a wander in the backyard or neighbourhood and collect, or be inspired by, nine natural things (or how ever many pairs you’d like to do).
  2. Using your ruler, divide your six A4 pages into four and cut them (you should have 18 cards)
  3. Draw or paint your natural items. They need to be drawn twice to create a pair. You can do this as a family (the results will be fun and different).
  4. Write or find another create way to label your natural item (there are some great links to literacy)
  5. On the rear of your cards, decide on a theme and devise a consistent pattern. Or as optional step 2 you can paint or draw a pattern on all six A4 pages before cutting them.
  6. Once finished you can tie them with string or ribbon to keep them together (or make your own box).
  7. It’s time to play!


This activity can be done in many different ways. You can choose different themes such as shapes; fruit and vegetables; the beach; a national park or botanic garden; or something completely different. You can even cut out a picture if you don’t have the necessary art supplies. Either way the process is a fun and interesting way to create something special and long-lasting together. On rainy days if you are looking for inspiration consider getting a copy of our book Where Birds Sing and Wildflowers Dance that features almost 700 watercolour illustrations.