The Book of Australian Trees

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Trees tell stories about places. Australia has some of the tallest, oldest, fattest, and most unusual trees in the world. They have changed over thousands of years, adapting to this continent’s deserts, mountains, and coasts. Many have found clever ways of dealing with drought and fire.

Their leaves, flowers and seeds are food for birds, insects, and mammals. Old trees have lots of hollows, which make good homes for possums, sugar gliders, birds, and bees. But trees aren’t just important for other animals, we need them too. What trees breathe out, we breathe in. They are a vital part of the Earth’s ecosystems.

When you first stand in a forest, the trees all seem the same. But if you look more closely, they are each a little different, like people. This book is a love song to Australian trees, from the red ironbark to the grey gum, the Moreton Bay fig to the Queensland bottle tree.

The first book for children from one of Australia’s most beloved author Inga Simpson.

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