Muddy Puddles & Painted Sunsets

‘Muddy Puddles & Painted Sunsets’ is a short film produced by Nature Play SA.  It tells the story of childhood, how children’s play has changed and how we are facing disconnection from the natural world.  It captures the freedom, fun, risk and adventure that characterised the childhood we remember as adults.

Muddy Puddles and Painted Sunsets has been filmed in some of SA’s most beautiful natural places.  The film is free and available for you to use in your families, your schools and your networks and Nature Play SA encourages you to use it and to share it as broadly as possible.

As you watch the film, recall your childhood, remember how it felt to be outside and free, and use it to inspire and encourage your children to enjoy that same freedom and sense of fun you had then.

Enjoy the film, share it with others and watch your children experience their childhood in unstructured play in nature.

If you’d like to download a copy of the Muddy Puddles & Painted Sunsets poem, feel free to access it here!