Education outside the Classroom (EOTC) has a long and rich history in Aotearoa New Zealand schools, contributing positively to the lives of many young New Zealanders. The purpose of this study was to gain a contemporary and comprehensive understanding of what EOTC is currently occurring in schools across, the value that schools see in/ascribe to EOTC, and the various challenges and factors that influence the provision of EOTC.

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World Environment Day 2020: a practical guide for individuals, faith groups, businesses, cities, governments, schools & universities, youth groups and civil society. This guide is a call to action to combat accelerating species loss and degradation of the natural world, listing practical measures that all levels of society can take to encourage and support biodiversity across our planet.

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Subject Area: World Environment Day

A series of nature and wild space inspiration cards to print off and use with your class.

These activities can be completed in any education setting and suit all stages of schooling.

Use them daily, with buddy classes, as home challenges, or woven into your outdoor learning program.

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Rich play and learning opportunities need to be influenced by considered design, planning and construction and by the pedagogy and risk/benefit philosophy of educators. This cross-sector resource provides tools and information to highlight the value of self-exploration, discovery and challenge for children’s development. Case Studies from South Australian sites offer stories of experience and conviction, helping children navigate risk and challenge and optimise learning opportunities.

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Subject Area: Risk