Nature Play SA is proud to launch


Where Birds Sing and Wildflowers Dance


A companion for exploring South Australia’s National Parks


By Jason Tyndall   |   Nature Play SA



This guide is more than a book. It’s a renewed narrative of connecting to nature and ourselves.

Drawing upon art and science, it crafts a beautiful and compelling story of South Australia’s wildlife, plants, and ecosystems. It explores notions of self – such as love, belief, doubt – while entwining ecological concepts of habitats, symbiotic relationships, fire, environmental clearance, species behaviour, extinction, and recovery.

‘Where birds sing and wildflowers dance’ is a bold approach to conservation education and seeks to open the pathway to recognising nature is at the centre of who we are, as people and as a collective.

In the pages, readers will find a collection of poetry, photography, ideas to connect with nature and over 680 species of plants, animals, and other life forms. This guide is for the dreamers, adventurers, creative souls, and conservationists: it’s your companion to exploring and reflecting on South Australia’s wild spaces.



Inside the bound hardcover book, you’ll discover:

    • 368 pages, guiding you through the beautiful natural world of SA’s National Parks and wild places
    • Four landscape chapters exploring the bush, freshwater, salty land and sea, and outback habitats
    • A collection of poetry, photography, ideas to connect with nature, illustrated plants and wildlife, and species descriptions that explore ecological concepts through a creative narrative
    • Groups and individuals striving to protect South Australia’s unique species and habitats, as well as helpful resources where you can learn more.

We will donate $5 from each of the first 200 books sold to the Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park for bushfire recovery.

All other proceeds from this book support our work as not-for-profit organisation connecting children with nature through outdoor learning and play. We acknowledge the many experts and passionate individuals who shared significant time, expertise, and resources in the creation of this companion.