We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive across South Australia, here are some of the many wonderful people and organisations who help us achieve our goals and better support you.

Our Funders


Whilst our program has a number of funding streams, we are incredibly thankful for the financial support and collaborative partnership from the Green Adelaide Board, Department for Environment and Water, and Department for Education.

Green Adelaide Board


Green Adelaide is a South Australian Government supported organisation that is working towards a vision of a cooler, greener, wilder and climate-resilient metropolitan South Australia. The Green Adelaide area spans from the hills to the sea, encompassing 17 metropolitan council areas and about 1.3 million South Australians. They have seven key priorities that bring their vision come to life: Nature Education; Fauna, Flora and Ecosystem Health; Coastal Management; Water Resources and Wetlands; Green Streets and Flourishing Parklands; and Biodiversity and Water Sensitive Urban Design.


Funding from Green Adelaide contributes to our work towards connecting the SA community to nature.


Department for Environment and Water


The Department for Environment and Water aims to help South Australians conserve, sustain and prosper. Their work in managing, conserving, and sustaining our environment and cultural resources is vital for the wellbeing of all South Australians. The Department manage our national parks, botanic gardens and heritage places. In addition, they are an authority on the state’s environment and natural resources, helping community, industry, and government make good long-term decisions.


Funding from Department for Environment and Water contributes to our work towards engaging South Australians in natural spaces such as National Parks and Botanic Gardens.


Department for Education


The Department for Education provides a range of integrated education, training, health and child development services to benefit children, young people and families. The department works to improve children’s and young people’s education, safety and developmental outcomes from birth through their transition to adulthood.


Funding from Department for Education contributes to our work towards mentoring education sites and leaders whilst connecting Australian Curriculum and Early Years framework to outdoor learning and play.


Our Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors plays a role in promoting our message and promoting the hard work that our team and broader community are achieving.

Katie Sarah


Katie Sarah is owner and manager of Sarah Mountain Journeys Pty Ltd specialising in extreme and adventure travel. Katie is married with three adult sons. She combines work with a passion for the outdoors, spending as much time as she can rock climbing, mountaineering and training for ironman triathlons. Katie is a woman of many firsts,

– First Australian woman to summit Mt Himlung, Nepal
– The first SA (and 6th Australian) to summit Mt Everest
– One of few Australian women to have completed the 7 summits
– Only woman in the world (and one of 9 people) to have completed both the 7 summits and the 7 Volcanic summits
– First woman in the world (and one of only 4 people) to complete the Explorers’ Grand Slam plus 7 Volcanic summits


Katie also has an active interest in several not for profit organisations and is delighted to named Patron of Nature Play SA in 2019.


Sophie Thomson


Sophie is a passionate gardener and shares her knowledge and expertise whenever possible.  Sophie has written several books, and regularly writes for magazines and the Sunday mail on all things gardening.  She presents often at events and enjoys providing horticultural consultations on many SA gardens.  Sophie is mum to 5 children and in her spare time tends to her own 3 acres of organic garden, Hamlyn cottage in the Adelaide hills and the menagerie of animals that share her home and family.


“Creating a backyard where children can enjoy free play, connect with nature and learn to grow some of their own food is sowing a seed for their future health, wellbeing and happiness as well as the future health of the planet.”

-Sophie Thomson