We’re a small team, driven by our passion to get kids outside. We love to share stories and ideas with each other over good coffee. We’re dreamers, who unashamedly romanticise about changing the world.


We love connecting with people at our events and the sound of children at play. We guess you could say, we love what we do, and the organisation we work for.


While you may know us as the fluro-clad, [hopefully] smiling [not too frazzled] staff at events, we also have an important role to play in promoting change beyond the grass roots level. We’re passionate about advocating at a local and state government level for more programs, initiatives, and spaces that assist families and education sites engage in outdoor play. And, we support groundbreaking research that strengthens the nature play movement.


We’re friendly, approachable and love a good chat, so when you see us at an event say, “hi”, tell us what nature play adventures you’ve been up to, or just let us know that you’ve had a great time. We look forward to meeting you.


This is us:

Sarah Sutter


Sarah is a qualified teacher, former Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, and mum of two school-aged children who can always be found scaling up the tallest trees. Sarah’s role is to lead our team and advocate for change across all levels of government, the business community, and with any association or group to ensure nature play is on everyone’s agenda.


“My fondest childhood memory was my time spent with my family at our shack at Black Point on the Yorke Peninsula where our summer holidays were filled with exploring the reef, fishing, snorkelling and just being free. Us kids would disappear into the sandhills and make cubbies for hours.”

Jason Tyndall

General Manager

Jason is an artist and dad of two girls. His eldest daughter is one spirited little girl, whose favourite past time is making stew for the ‘Gruffalo’ in her backyard. His career started in environmental management, but has always enjoyed working with people, which saw him move into environmental education. Joining the nature play movement was a natural progression. He travels around the state undertaking workshops for education sites and local government.


“I remember spending a lot of time at the local creek catching yabbies’ and wandering for what seemed like hours. We’d walk along the creek until we found a section that we thought we could jump – so we all gave it a go and most of the time we made it!”

Narrah Zollo

Executive Assistant

Narrah is a qualified educator, garden enthusiast and mum of two adventurous girls who love tending to their produce-rich garden. Narrah has always played an active volunteer role in her school community helping write grants, fundraise and establish playgroups. Narrah provides administrative support to our strategic directions managing correspondence with our board and membership organisations.

“Being an urban kid, one of my fondest memories is tearing around the neighbourhood on my bike with my mate Danny. We were probably around 10 years old, dragging our bikes in and out of storm drains, looking for abandoned buildings and holes in fence lines. We stayed out as long as we could, without adult supervision, making judgement calls and taking calculated risks. The memory of that thrill of the wind whipping across my cheeks, adrenalin pumping, masters of our universe, still brings a smile to my face.” 

Jodee Dellow

Events Manager

Jodee is a nature loving mum to 4 adventurous children who love exploring in the Adelaide Hills. Her children are often found building cubbies, making flying foxes, collecting and identifying native seeds and nuts and planting trees on the family property. As a passionate events manager with over 10 years experience in the industry, Jodee brings her love for events, play based learning and the great outdoors to the Nature Play SA team.


As a child I grew up on the Murray River. My 3 sisters and I spent many hours exploring the backwaters; we would canoe, yabby and fish for hours. One of my fondest memories of being a Murray River child was learning to water ski at an early age, the feeling of being on the water behind the boat made me feel like I was flying through the water. I now love to see the joy and happiness on my children’s faces when we take family trips to the Mighty Murray.

Maria Taylor

Manager Education

Maria has 20 years teaching experience and a Master’s in Education. She has worked in a range of local and international educational settings within Early Learning and Primary education. Her teaching career has seen her travel the globe to explore ways educators from all walks of life inspire and connect with students.

Her mission is to inspire and support others to connect with nature and facilitate authentic outdoor learning opportunities for all students.

Maria has two young children who love to discover their own wild places, make potions in the back yard and collect eggs from their chooks.


“One of my fondest childhood memories is of playing around the cliffs of Kingston Park and Seacliff and feeling like a real explorer. My Brother, Sister and I ran around for hours on end exploring the goat tracks, building cubbies and running free. We always finished our adventures off with sharing some of Nanna’s best cake at the Tjilbruke lookout. I remember feeling like I had the world at my feet. We now live close enough to make that part of our childrens’ every day story and take all of our friends on the same adventures.”

Lisa Statham

Early Years Specialist

Lisa is a qualified teacher, specialising in the Early Years. She has worked in various early year’s settings in both England and Australia, where she now lives with her young family in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Lisa can often be found in her garden with her children looking for koalas, making mud pies, building woodlouse houses and trying to catch the chickens!


Lisa is passionate about creating learning opportunities through nature play, helping to develop inspiring environments that encourage wonder and investigation. Her creative mind helps her to think of ways to bring learning to life through using our senses and making experiences really count.


Looking back into my own childhood, I remember spending hours in the garden, particularly crouched by the pond. I would make frog homes out of leaves and mud and try to save every bee or fly that fell into the water. Being outside amongst nature is what makes me truly happy, where the sight of a kookaburra or koala draws a smile from ear to ear. I love nature’s unpredictability, it’s beauty and above all, it’s potential to connect us all.

Eric Nicholson

Schools Officer

Eric is a trained ecologist and teacher with a passion for conservation education and connecting children with nature. When not chasing after his two young nature explorers or tending to his garden and myriad fruit trees, he is actively involved with several environmental groups, particularly relating to permaculture. Eric coordinates the school programs offered by Nature Play SA; coming to your school or meeting you at a National Park to build cubbies.


“Born in the rugged boreal wilderness of western Canada and growing up on hobby farms in rural Eastern Ontario, I have always been at home in wild places. If I wasn’t exploring overgrown fields, orchards, woodlands and wetlands, then I was swimming, fishing or skipping stones in nearby lakes or rivers. My earliest memories of my youth are from when I still lived in British Columbia and saw iconic Canadian wildlife such as bears, moose, elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. When I was about four and a half and the whole family was tucked into a small pickup truck moving to Ontario, we were travelling in the dark down a narrow road in the middle of nowhere when a massive bull moose suddenly trotted onto the road in front of us – we had to abruptly stop and wait for it to move, just gazing at this tremendous animal with a huge rack of antlers and steam rising off its back in the cold night air – then just as suddenly as it appeared it seemed to vanish again into the thick woods on the other side of the road. Definitely only something a person can experience when wilderness is allowed to thrive, and people go out into nature.”

image of staff member Cameron

Cameron Edwards

Schools Officer

Cameron is a qualified teacher, experienced scout and all-round lover of the outdoors. Although quite new to the education world, his passion is centred in providing children with the tools they need to enjoy their time outside to the best of their abilities and igniting the life-long love for nature that was awakened in him from a young age.


“My childhood was jam-packed full of wonderful outdoor adventures! From the 2007 Scout jamboree to our annual family camping trip to Port Elliot. My father would take us out to “run the rocks” from Commodore Point, along Horseshoe bay and around Lady Bay to Boomer Beach. Anyone who has visited the bay knows what I mean. The risk was there, but it was calculated, and it gave us the determination to tackle whatever life could throw at us. We would spend our nights on the beach armed with trowels and spades and would make the most abstract, complex sandcastles that we could imagine, inspired by a group of professionals we saw one year. One night, we got a bit carried away and ended up digging a communal hang-out dug-out big enough to seat 8 people! These trips have nurtured my passion for the outdoors since I was young, and my love for being outside is just as strong today.”

Candice Gray

Shop Coordinator

Candice has experience in retail Management and Marketing and is a mum to two school aged children with whom she is off on an adventure at any opportunity.

Summer days are always spent at the beach (Port Noarlunga) snorkelling, paddle boarding and exploring the Fleurieu Peninsula.


“It’s hard to remember a childhood memory that wasn’t outside. My parents would take me and my sister camping over the school holidays. Dad would always find somewhere off the beaten track, set up camp in the middle of nowhere and we would live off the land for the next two weeks. Nature was our playground and it provided me and my sister with endless opportunities and adventures. Never once did we think about the world we left behind, we were just living for the moment from sun up to sun down.”