Our professional development opportunities aim to empower and equip educators with: the skills and knowledge to understand the importance of nature play; practical application of nature play principles within educational settings; and tools to embed into their pedagogical practice.







Investigate – Innovate – Create Conference


A one-day conference on Wednesday 30 May or Thursday 31 May 2018 [repeat session], Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Hahndorf



Nature Play SA is delighted to announce our up-coming conference with one of Scotland’s leading education consultants in outdoor learning and play, Juliet Robertson. Juliet is author of best-selling books, Dirty Teaching and Messy Maths, which provide an easy blueprint for integrating outdoor learning into teaching.


At this not-to-be-missed Conference, educators and child development professionals will explore how outdoor, nature-based learning can foster innovation and creativity, and support children’s well-being. Alongside Juliet, leading South Australian educators and experts will share case studies, insights, stories of innovation and best practice relating to:


  • Well-being in nature
  • The Image of The Child
  • Nature Based Investigations
  • STEM and Innovation in Learning Design
  • Ways to create in nature-based environments [practical workshops]


Download the Conference flyer here.


Bookings are NOW OPEN for general sale and can be purchased here. Spaces are limited and will sell quickly – we suggesting booking early to secure your spot!






Staff Presentations


We currently offer tailored professional development sessions ranging from 30 minutes to an hour for staff that can cover a range of elements:

  • Understanding the value of nature play in an education setting
  • Ideas and examples for expanding or developing a natural play space at your site
  • Understanding benefit risk assessment and how it translates to your site
  • Nature pedagogy and how learning outcomes can be derived from outdoor learning environments


Duration 30 minutes to 1 hour
Cost: non-members $199/members $179




Parent Presentations


In addition we also offer tailored parent information sessions ideal for AGM’s or parent gatherings that run for 20-45 minutes. These sessions  can cover:

  • What is nature play and why is it important to you, your children, and their places of play
  • Practical ideas for incorporating nature play into your home and community context
  • The importance of risk and how to incorporate it into everyday play
  • Why the natural environment is so valuable for your children’s wellbeing


Duration: 30-45minutes

Cost: non-members $199/members $179




Annual Conference


Each year we run a national conference that sees international, national, and local experts come together to deliver inspiring Keynotes and practical workshops around: nature pedagogy; natural play space design; childhood development; and and case study exploration. Education sites that are part of our educators membership program launching in October, will receive a discounted rate and have the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets.


Details of 2018 Conference coming soon!






Adelaide-based Workshops

Each year we run a series of workshops aimed to inspire and empower educators to integrate nature play into their outdoor learning environments, learning frameworks and pedagogy. These workshops are interactive and engaging. All participants are issued with Professional Development Certificates. Education sites that are part of our educators membership program launching in October, will receive a discounted rate and have the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets.


Details of 2018 workshops to be announced soon!




Regional Workshops

Each year we visit regional centres throughout the state to provide workshops and training. Our visits are influenced by a region’s interest, funding, and our availability. We have travelled to regions such as Yorke Penisula, Eyre Penisula, Mt Gambier, and the Riverland. These are often in partnership with local governments and/or NRM Boards who have active school programs. We are open to chat about the possibilities and other ways we can support regional South Australia. Our educators membership program launching in October, is an ideal online tool for education sites in all regions across the state.