Educators, you are one of our children’s most important assets. We want to provide support and guidance to help you understand and embrace the value of nature play in whatever context you are engaging with children.  


Incorporating experiences for children in the natural world is a fundamental part of childhood. Research tells us it’s critical for social, cognitive, emotional and physical development. One of the most significant windows where childhood needs to thrive is their education setting – the place where they spend a large amount of their younger years.


It’s our firm belief that childhood flows between home and school creating a rich and supportive community where play is at the forefront of their learning, development and overall childhood. We want to empower this ‘community’ by equipping educators with the skills and knowledge to understand the importance and benefits of nature play and to ultimately embed this into their sites culture and pedagogy.


In saying that, we recognise the pressure on educators and want to help you find a balanced approach to ensuring your children have access to an outdoor learning environment where they can play, learn, question, hypothesise, explore and engage with nature whilst ensuring strong learning outcomes are achieved.


To support and guide your and your site on your nature play journey we have a range of tools and opportunities: