Our incursions and excursions provide educators an opportunity to experience nature play through creative and practical nature-based activities that complement the Australian Curriculum, Early Years Framework, and nature pedagogy.



Our nature-inspired incursions are run by qualified educators and play workers. These sessions are designed to engage students in practical and active learning experiences beyond the classroom while developing a range of skills and understandings.


They can be tailored to suit all ages and capabilities, and aligned with your current learning programs. We aim to deepen STEM thinking skills and address Cross-curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum, in particular Critical and Creative Thinking, Social Capability and Ethical Understanding.


Natural Elements Incursion


The Natural Elements Incursion is a multisensory learning experience incorporating three rotational sessions: Loose Parts; Sensory Play; and Seed Bombs.


Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $15 per student (minimum 20 students, travel fees may apply)
Age suitability: Early Years to Year 5.



“The Natural Element Incursion nourished the senses and nurtured our connection to the natural world. Thank you for visiting our school and planting some very important seeds.”


 — Educator, Nailsworth P.S —

Whittling and Weaving Incursion


This creative and hands-on incursion looks at using and creating tools. Children participate in two workshops that teach new skills and draw on indigenous connections with strong links to Design and Technology. Whittling and weaving encourages: critical and creative thinking; fine motor skills; hand-eye co-ordination; problem solving; persistence; and resilience.


Duration: 1.5 hours.

Cost: $18 per student (minimum 20 students, travel fees may apply)

Age suitability: years 3-7



“it was a great experience shaving twigs under the freedom of the trees’


— Sophia, year 7 —

Geocaching Incursion


This session looks to achieve a balance between technology and the outdoors and can be tailored to the Australian Curriculum. It introduces children to the concept of geocaching and sets them off on an specifically designed adventure around your site’s grounds. Workshops are run by qualified educators and play workers who will engage the children in a fun, interactive session.


Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $12 per student (minimum 20 students, travel fees may apply)

Age suitability: years 4-12





We are fortunate to have access to South Australia’s oldest National Park – Belair National Park, to offer cubby-building excursions.


Cubby Building Excursion


Our cubby-building excursion sees your class travel to the beautiful Belair National Park where they’ll be immersed in natural bush surroundings. The session is a fun and exciting learning experience for children, providing an opportunity to use their engineering, teamwork, and problem solving skills whilst developing positive relationships with each other and the natural environment. Using provocations to inspire creativity this session will see our qualified educators and play workers support children to create mini and large-scale cubbies using sticks, rope, hessian and other natural elements.


Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $18 per student (minimum 25 students) (includes Park entry, does not include transport)

Age suitability: early and primary years, OHSC, vacation care programs, homeschooler groups, and community groups.



The whole day was such a great experience for all the children. They loved not only building their cubby, but enjoyed eating their lunch in them. It was a fantastic team building excursion, one we will definitely look at doing again in the future.


— Director – Goodwood PS OSHC Vac Care